Bass teaser


Balanced with a relatively light weight hook, eyes providing a low center of gravity and a wing that is twice the length of the hook shank this fly swims hook point up making it quite snag resistant.

When fished with a twitching movement on either dry or sinking lines it has plenty of movement and of course being relatively compact it’s not a fly that results in a lot of short takes.

In a single fly rig this fly can be cast well into structure to tease fish out of snags. It also lends itself to being fished in a two fly rigs on a fast sink line with the tease on the point and a unweighted fly on a dropper.


Hook Thread Eyes Tail Body Wing
Size 2 to 8 Gamakatsu SS15/T. Uni big fly thraed or Uni 3/0 thread Real, dumbbell eyes or bead chain eyes Rabbit zonker fur or marabou. Crystal chenille. ‘Synthetic living fiber’ or Hairline ‘fishair’



  1. Starting at the 95% position wind the thread in touching turns to half way down the hook shank and then back to the 30% position.


  1. Tie in a set of eyes on top of the hook shank at the 30% position using figure 8 wraps.
  2. Positioning of the eyes at the 30% position described above is important because you need to leave enough room in front of the eyes to tie in the wing and to form a nice shaped head.


  1. Tie in a tail of rabbit zonker fur or marabou that is equal in length to the shank of the hook.


  1. Strip the fibers off a length of crystal chenille and tie it in by its chord just in front of the bend of the hook.
  2. Take the thread forward to just behind the eyes.


  1. Wind the crystal chenille forward using tight touching turns of the chenille all the way to the eyes.
  2. Tie the Crystal Chenille off behind the eyes and then take the thread forward to in front of the eyes.


  1. Take the Crystal Chenille over the top of the eyes and tie off on top of the hook shank in front of the eyes.
  2. Trim the excess crystal chenille off in front of the eyes.
  3. Turn the hook over in the vice.


  1. Tie in a wing of either ‘Fishair’ or ‘SLF’
  2. The wing should extend beyond the bend of the hook around the length of the hook shank partially obscuring the bend of the hook.
  3. Build up a nice head with thread whip finish and varnish the head.
  4. I have also painted the eyes to complete the fly.


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