One of the best search flies in slow moving or still deeper water using a sinking line. If fishing from a fixed position cast it out, let the line sink to the desired depth, and then retrieve the line using a constant stripping motion, a pumping retrieve or a combination of both. The stripping speed should be varied. If lock style fishing as you lift the fly pause the retrieve as the Booby surfaces and dibble it across the surface. The hit can be at any time but often fish follow the Booby up and leave their take until the last moment. My three favourite colour combinations are below but browns and olives and other colours are effective also.

As an alternative Boobies can also be fished as a semi-dry fly on the surface. They work particularly well on Bass when fished on a floating line. Cast the Booby into structure and let it sit on the surface film for 3 to 5 seconds if the is no response twitch the fly and let it sit again.



Hook Thread Eyes Tail Body
Size 8-12 long shank or 2-4 jig hook Colour to suit Two bean bag beads or alternatives such as floozy eyes Marabou Estaz Chenille is best but similar materials can be substituted



  1. Tie in a set of booby eyes.
  2. Re tie the thread in behind the booby eyes and wind the thread in touching turns to the bend of the hook.


  1. Tie in a Woolly Bugger tail.
  2. Tie in the body material at the bend of the hook.
  3. Return the thread to the eye of the hook.


  1. Wind the body material forward to the eyes building up a body that is slim at the tail and gradually increases in thickness.
  2. Take a single figure of eight wrap of the body material through the eyes and then tie the body material off in front of the eyes and trim the excess body material.
  3. Whip finish in front of the eyes and trim the thread. Don’t varnish the whip finish as even if you don’t touch the eyes with varnish the fumes from the varnish will dissolve the bean bag beads.
  4. Give the eyes and the whip finish a further coat of PVA glue.


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