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Chatto's Blog is a place for snippets of random information that I come across but they don't really fit the main categories of the web site.

Here are my last 3 blogs ... comments are welcome!

Black rubber tail fly
This fly has turned out to be a fantastic point fly for bass in Lake Maroon. I have fished it for two years in a row in the Variety Club competition with a MKII olive or black woolly bugger on a dropper and achieved two podium finishes....
Awoonga dam Gladstone Qld – trialling new flies
A good outing on Awonga today and managed two fish. It was 25C/1020 BP when I left home at 6am and 35C/1002 BP when I was chased off the water at 1:30pm by an electric storm. Despite the storm I really enjoyed the trip because it was a chance to give two articulated diver flies […]...
Fishing season reminders
Just a few reminders here about the main closed seasons in NSW ... better to be safe than sorry....
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