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Christmas Island – Pacific Ocean (Blog for Rav)
For the sake of clarity I just want to note that there are two Christmas Islands. The first is very well know as the Australian detention centre in the Indian Ocean where illegal ‘boat people’ heading mainly from Indonesia to Australia are housed...
Lake Maroon (Blog for FFA Qld & Variety Club)
Lake Maroon is one of South East Queensland’s best freshwater fly and surface fishing destinations It lays close to the base of the Great Dividing Range on Burnett Creek, a tributary of the Logan River. It is a relatively small impoundment with...
Queensland Grouper – juvenile
There are very few fish our there that wont eat a prawn or a shrimp. This Juvenile Queensland Grouper fell to my prawn fly. As usual the fish was released to fight another day. photo3...
Update on Snowy Lakes – Steve Samuels
Dear Supporters As you may be aware Snowy Hydro Limited has announced that it will soon begin geotechnical surveys of the landscape between Tantangara Dam and Talbingo Dam as an initial part of the feasibility study for the proposed “Pumped Hydroâ€...
This is a Peter Morse fly and a great variation on a Wooly Bugger that is making its mark in fresh water fly fishing. It's dressed on a wide gape hook that creates an effective "keel" effect and sports a relatively long marabou tail and a dense colla...
Swimbait fly – red & white
With an overall length of a size #1/0 fly being between 10cm long (which is about the same as a lure that you would use on Mangrove Jacks or Barramundi) these are big flies for big fish so I suggest that you fish them on a #10 weight outfit....
Swimbait fly – “brown bomber”
Slower retrieves cause the fly to swim with the tail pulsing from side to side whereas if you interrupt your slow retrieve with a couple of fast strips you not only get the tail working but cause the fly to dart off to the left or the right depending...
Awonga spills at dam wall taking plenty of fish into the Boyne River
Every cloud has a silver lining I am told. The silver lining for the horrendous weather and damage associated with cyclone Debbie is that Awonga dam has started to spill taking heaps of fish into the Boyne River. Over the next short while as the rive...
Redfin in Jindabyne, Eucumbene & Tantangara ????
Here is an interesting email from Steve Samuels that I wanted to share with you. Redfin are prolific breeders and carnivores ... if the right precautions are not in place, with no chance of mishap, their numbers will quickly out-compete trout for f...
Eucumbene River access at Denison Camping Area
The camping area will be better defined with timber bollards with a view to stopping vehicle access beyond the camping area to the north ... I support this project....

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