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Articulated diver
With an overall length of a size #1/0 fly being between 9cm and 10cm long (which is about the same as a lure that you would use on Mangrove Jacks or Barramundi) these are big flies for big fish so I suggest that you fish them on a #10 weight fly....

A good outing on Awonga today and managed two fish. It was 25C/1020 BP when I left home at 6am and 35C/1002 BP when I was chased off the water at 1:30pm by an electric storm. Despite the storm I really enjoyed the trip because it was a chance to give...
Christmas Island special
If your going on a trip to target the iconic bonefish this is the must have fly. As a modern versions of a crazy Charlie in theory these flies should ride hook point up but in reality because of the heavy hook that has to be used to hold these hard ...
Trigger fish fly
If your going on a trip to target the iconic bonefish you may be lucky enough to also come across some trigger fish. They area fantastic fish to target and will test every bit of you fly fishing skill. ...
Floating red claw
This fly is a variation to my original yabby pattern and has been designed to be fish on a sinking line. I like to fish them, in water from 1 to 4 meters deep, either as a single fly or in a team of two flies as a point fly. If fishing them in a te...
Destroyer – Chatto’s variant
My variant does not include the shroud of mara wool tips around the zonker tail. I have left that off because for me the currents around the body of the fly produce more movement in the tail when it is not shrouded. I like hot spots on flies and acco...
BH woolly bugger
I tie brown, black and olive versions of my bead head woolly buggers for my bugger fly box but its worth keeping in mind that whilst standard combinations like silver bead and wire on a black bugger or a brass beads on an olive or brown bugger work w...
Chatto’s bass jig
My bass jig has been designed to be fished on a variety of lines with the determining factor for the choice of line being determined by the depth the target bass are holding at. With a 4mm for weight it sinks well and when retrieved with a stripping ...
Black rubber tail fly
This fly has turned out to be a fantastic point fly for bass in Lake Maroon. I have fished it for two years in a row in the Variety Club competition with a MKII olive or black woolly bugger on a dropper and achieved two podium finishes....
Dunkeld – Chatto’s fuzzeled variant
The Dunkeld is certainly one of my top 5 middle dropper flies for lock style fly fishing. Until 18 months ago I was using a version of the Dunkeld that had a hackle Palmered along the body as in the original. At that time I was experimenting with "fu...

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