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Salty BMS
This is a inexpensive fly to tie that works well on bream as a specific targeted species or as a second fly fished about a meter above a say a mud prawn or estuary fly….
Claret carrot
Based on the design of the carrot fly this version is particularly appealing to fish feeding on emerging Mayfly in Tasmania’s central and western lake.
Propeller fly
This fly swims well and the propeller at the front adds an element of action that fish find enticing. You can tie this fly in any colour combination to mimic the colour of some of the more popular lure colurs that your mates that fish the “dark side”…
The original thing was pink and white and was tied by Graham White of Darwin the early 80’s. It got its name “pink thing” when one of his mates asked for “a lend of one of those pink things”. Whilst the “pink thing” was tied as a barra fly it has tu…
Red and orange spinner
The term ‘spinner’ refers to that stage in a Dun’s life cycle when it has moved off the water or, vegetation etc. after drying its wings. The adult or imago of all Mayflies, Caddis flies and Midges can technically be regarded as spinners. The followi…
Christmas Island special – pink
If your going on a trip to target the iconic bonefish the Christmas Island Special in a few colours, sizes and weights should definitely populate your fly box. …
Tungsten bead head orange and partridge spider
If you were to suggest to a North Country (UK) fly fisherman that there is such a thing as a bead spider they would think your a rod section short of a fly rod. For their sake you could call this fly and my other “bead head spiders” “bead head soft h…
Bass jig
My bass jig has been designed to be fished on a variety of lines with the determining factor for the choice of line being determined by the depth the target bass are holding at. With a 4mm for weight it sinks well and when retrieved with a stripping …
Chatto’s emerging alpine buzzer
When browns and rainbows are feeding on hatching midges at the exclusion of all else this buzzer chironomid pattern and when a little lead is added for weight in the tie I find is a good choice for point fly in a team of three flies….

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