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Loch style – fast sink lines for ‘deep sulking or feeding trout’
Loch style fly fishing is fly fishing over the lee side of a boat with the wind at your back with the boat side onto the wind, using a system incorporating one or a number of flies. It is a technique that is well suited to individual or teams of flie...
Loch style – the basics
I was introduced to loch style fly fishing when I became involved in competition fly fishing through Fly Fish Australia and i now regard it as one of my preferred fly fishing techniques and certainly a way of targeting fish that I was not previously ...
Loch style – static and slow retieve fly fishing
The technique is best fished from a boat but of course can be fish from the bank , and in both case you need to shorten or lengthen your distances depending on water depths....
Loch style – all pumped up / booby pumping
There is nothing new about "Booby Pumping". English fly fishers have been doing it for years and for a time it was considered so successful in some impoundments that it was banned. I have been fishing boobies for quite a few years and booby pumping h...
Bearded booby
One of the best search flies in slow moving or still deeper water using a sinking line ia a booby. As an alternative Boobies can also be fished as a semi-dry fly on the surface. ...
TBH stonefly
Stoneflies thrive in the rubble of cold well oxygenated rivers & streams. They are an available food source throughout the season and fish may feed on them to the exclusion of all other food sources particularly during hatches. The nymphs crawl a...
Christmas Island – Pacific Ocean
An iconic fishing destination finally crossed of my bucket list ... so many yet to go. Bonefish, Trigger Fish, Lady Fish, Snpper, Goat Fish, Lady Fish, Sharks, etc. etc....
Squirmy worm
Over time they have endured and their reputation of, on the day, being an exceptional fish taking fly has grown and grown. They have also become very well accepted in competition circles and consequently I have fallen into line and have added them to...
TBH squirmy worm
The material that this TBH Squirmy worm fly incorporates hit the market in 2014 with gusto. There are now plenty of versions of squirmy worm flies being tied and they have turned out to be a must have fly for use in both rivers and lakes. My version...
Packing for Christmas Island
Each time I go on a major fishing trip I modify my packing list. My latest trip was to Christmas Island in the Pacific. These are the revised lists for my High Sierra bag when it is used as my carry on bag and for the same bag when it becomes my fis...

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